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Frequently Asked Questions

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    What type of events can I book the Ultimate Selfie Station for?
    The Ultimate Selfie Station is great for all types of events. Some of these events include: wedding receptions, reunions, corporate events, birthday parties, charity fundraisers, school and sporting events, graduations,, church events... basically anywhere the fun is happening!
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    Does the Selfie Station require internet access?
    If you plan to take advantage of the Ultimate Selfie Station's instant social media upload feature then we will require a Wifi or Ethernet connection. We have a mobile hotspot that is available for an additional charge that works in most locations if needed.
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    How far in advance do I need to book?
    Reserve your date as soon as you know. Dates fill up exceptionally fast during peak seasons. If you have an event that is short notice, contact us as soon as possible Now let's get planning!
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    So, I have rented the Ultimate Selfie Station, what do I do next?
    Just relax! We will arrive at your event about 1 hour early to set up. After the last photo is taken, it will take us about 30 minutes to take down. For example, if you choose a 2 hour package, our staff will actually be at your event for 3 and a half hours.. but you only pay for 2 hours. Nice huh?
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    Is the Ultimate Selfie Station easy to use?
    The Ultimate Selfie Station is very easy to use. Just follow the simple instructions on the screen, and your pictures are taken and displayed within seconds. Our friendly attendant will always be there to help make your event a huge success.
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    Can we personalize the prints?
    Absolutely! . You have the option of adding text to the prints (such as your event name), a logo, or slogan. We will go over this with you before the event. Speaking of prints... we use a dye-sublimation printer that provides photo lab quality prints in seconds.
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    Can the Selfie Station be setup outdoors?
    Yes. We can set the Ultimate Selfie Station up outside under a shelter or tent. Without shelter, the elements could lesson the quality of the photos. Keep in mind that electricity is required to run the Selfie Station when choosing a suitable location. .
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    Do you charge extra to set up the Ultimate Selfie Station?
    Absolutely not! We will arrive 1 hour early to set up and it will take about 30 minutes to get packed up after the last photo is taken. You only pay for the time the selfie station is actually operating and not for setup or tear down.
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    Will there be someone at the event to maintain the Selfie Station?
    Yes. A professionally dressed attendant(s) will be on hand and will accompany the station to your event. They will monitor the station constantly to insure it's running properly. Our attendants will also help to make sure the Ultimate Selfie Station is the hit of the party.
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    What if I need to cancel or change dates?
    If you need to change your date, there is no charge as long as it's done with at least 2 weeks notice. If you need to cancel entirely, any money paid as a deposit cannot be returned. We will, however, apply your deposit to any future date within one year from the original date.
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    What if we lose a print?
    Never fear... SmugMug is here! . You will be provided a link to an online photo album that contains all of your photos taken during the event. You can download, print, and share all you want. No copyright release ever needed!
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    Do you have any suggestions on how to make sure we, and our guests, take full advantage of the Ultimate Selfie Station?
    Based on the event, place the station in a popular area such as near the bar or dance floor. We would suggest you let your guests know where it is and that it is available to them at no cost. Easy and creative ways to do this is: MC or DJ announcements. Photo Booth signs are great too!
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    Can we regulate how often people visit the Ultimate Selfie Station?
    Yes, we can if you feel it might be an issue. This can be an issue when a large number of children are present. We could work with you to use a "ticket" system so everyone has a shot at the fun. We love for everyone to have a chance to become a star!
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    What is needed to reserve the Ultimate Selfie Station?
    A signed contract and a 50% deposit. The remaining balance needs to be paid at least a week before the event.. Of course we love cash or checks, but we also accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. Credit card payments are subject to a 3% fee.
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    How much do you charge for idle hours?
    This happens quite frequently during events with meals or ceremonies. . We charge $75 per hour of idle time. Some customers choose to have the station run for cocktail hour, have it idle for an hour during dinner, and then have it run for a couple more hours during the reception.
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    Do you provide props or should we bring our own for the event?
    Oh yeah! Children and adults the same, love props! We have a variety of props that we will bring along, but we encourage you to bring any special props that your guests may enjoy taking pictures with or that go with your theme. We love props!
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    Do you publish our photos to the internet?
    Yes. All photos will be uploaded to our SmugMug Online Photo Album for customers to have access to. Some photos from the event may be published to our social media sites or used on our website. Of course your guests will be posting them instantly to social media as well.
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    Can we use the Ultimate Selfie Station to help raise money for our charity, school or church?
    Yes we love to help charities and non-profits raise money.. Please call us and we can talk to you about ways to do this. We are also open to suggestions on new ways to use our Ultimate Selfie Station to help you raise money for your organization.
If you have more questions please contact us.  We would love to hear from you!